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I choose to focus training and nutrition on the individual. I believe in a totally holistic approach emcompassing body, mind and soul and the interaction between them. Utilizing the disciplines of weight-training , pilates, ballet and yoga to ease pain, heal injuries and strengthen the body,and the spirit. Never give up! Never step down!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Packed lunch has advantages- less temptation, planning the right balance ahead of time, lower cost, knowing exactly what you are getting in your food!- every lunch - and snack- needs a protein of some kindand a complex carbsome ideas:-tuna, salmon, crab,chicken, turkey, lean ham, egg salad, white fish, lean roast beef these can go on/in a salad base, or inside 2 slices whole grain bread, or tortilla wrap, pita bread, or even in egg rollwrappers and quickly stir fried or baked.- the best tortillas for nutrients are the sundried tomato, then the whole wheat or spinach-soup in a wide mouth thermos (just not cream soups)-raw veggies cut up with hummus( the spicier ones will also help speed up the metabolism)-string chees, part skim mozzarella, boursin, goat cheese, mini baby bells, feta-apples- controlled studies have shown that when nothing else changed in the diet except eating 3 raw unpeeled apples per day those who did lost weight.pears or berries are the next best fruits-cherry tomatoes-protein powder and a container( some have their own seive inside to help mixing) with water or skim milk, ready to shake just before drinking as a protein shake Next email will be fast food lunches/meals.-Georgina DellaportaB.A., R.N.,CPTN,Can-Fit-Pro, AFP,NFC

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