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I choose to focus training and nutrition on the individual. I believe in a totally holistic approach emcompassing body, mind and soul and the interaction between them. Utilizing the disciplines of weight-training , pilates, ballet and yoga to ease pain, heal injuries and strengthen the body,and the spirit. Never give up! Never step down!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nutrition Consultation

Whether you have weight to lose, a desire to gain, or just to maintain the healthy weight you have.

Your nutrition consultation will include:

An assessment of your actual weight and body fat percentage and where you are on the chart of healthy for your age, height and gender

What is your goal body fat %- healthy, fit, or athletic- and how soon you could reach that goal,

Why diet more than exercise is to blame for what’s around your middle and how to get the waistline you want!

An understanding of why a balanced meal plan - protein/carbs/ fats is crucial to your health and longevity

Exactly how many grams each of proteins, carbs and fats per day are specifically right for YOU.

The difference between good and bad fats, complex and simple carbs,

Why soy is great for some but not for others

How you can put not just yourself but your children, and /or partner onto clean healthy eating and have them enjoy it!

How to do all this in a busy schedule.

How to maintain an even blood sugar level, lower needs for insulin, blood pressure medications, anti-depressants with real food.

Suggestions for better restaurant choices, better kids choices, great products vs. poor ones on the grocery store shelves.

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