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I choose to focus training and nutrition on the individual. I believe in a totally holistic approach emcompassing body, mind and soul and the interaction between them. Utilizing the disciplines of weight-training , pilates, ballet and yoga to ease pain, heal injuries and strengthen the body,and the spirit. Never give up! Never step down!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ab work in Disguise!

Bruce Lee took advantage of his time by training his incredible abs unnoticed while sitting in boring meetings. He isometrically contracted his abs by pressing his lower back into a chair. There was no apparent movement, but his rectus abdominis muscles were receiving a secret, awesome workout.Your torso is a vital area for you to tone and strengthen if you want to increase your power. Torso exercises stabilize the spine, protecting you from injury. Abdominal muscles allow your torso to turn, twist, and bend. Your waist connects your upper and lower body to generate the tremendous torque necessary for dynamic punching and kicking. Solid abdominals are essential to make this connection. Strong core muscles also enhance your balance, protecting your internal organs.The set of abdominal muscles referred to as the "6-pack" is the rectus abdominis, and in reality it is a "10-pack" - go ahead, count them. This muscle group originates on the pubic bone. The insertion (end of the muscle that is attached to the body part to be moved) is on the cartilage of ribs 5 through 7 and the xiphoid process (the lower tip of the breastbone). The rectus abdominis is a straplike muscle designed for smooth, long movement. Its main purpose is to raise your body from bed each morning. The simple crunch trains this muscle group by flexing the trunk forward.For perfect crunches, begin each repetition as if you were in slow motion. Contract your rectus abdominis, exhaling as you let your muscles pull your shoulder blades up off the floor. Exhaling on each repetition allows you to squeeze your abs without arching your back. Inhale on the return to prepare you for the next contraction; expand into the neutral spine position without relaxing fully, keeping the abs active.Beware of infomercial abdominal machines. Many of these products make false claims, use only a one-dimensial approach to ab training, are cheaply made, and are not really properly aligned, tested, or designed for safe, repeated use. To firm up your abs free of charge (well, we hope you paid for the book), lie on your back with your knees bent, your chin resting forward toward your chest. Curl your head and shoulders off the floor (without momentum or the use of a crane) upward and forward until your shoulder blades leave the floor. Follow this progression: Tilt, curl, flex for two seconds, then uncurl, untilt. Focus on flexing your rectus abdominis. The range of motion is only a few inches. It should feel as if you are working your upper abs more because the top of your rectus abdominis is thinner than the layer toward the pubis. Perform 10 repetitions. Use your rectus abdominis muscles to raise your body, not your head and neck. If crunches are too difficult, raise yourself off the floor with your arms and perform just the down phase of the crunch.You can modify your arm position to change the degree of difficulty of crunches. The least resistance occurs when your arms are straight and outstretched along the sides of your body. Level 2 of difficulty is to cross your arms over your chest. Level 3 is elbows bent, fingertips to your ears, or arms extended up; either arm variation adds more resistance to the crunch.To perform a reverse crunch, lie on your back with your knees flexed to your chest. Place your hands under your hips. Keep your knees together as you bring your feet toward the floor without touching it. Hold for three seconds, then slowly draw your knees back to your chest. It should feel as if you are working the lower part of your rectus abdominis because your hip flexor muscles (iliopsoas) are assisting.When you attempt to train your abs, the hip flexors (iliopsoas), which are more powerful muscles, do most of the work. This is the main reason that, when done incorrectly, crunches (or anything for that matter) can be a disappointing waste of time. Even when you perform a crunch correctly, your rectus abdominis begins the movement but your hip flexors cannot help but become involved, especially if you attempt to perform crunches quickly with nonmuscular momentum. By raising the torso slowly and coming up only part of the way (full sit-ups have been known to be a big no-no for some time now), you can target your rectus abdominis instead of your hip flexors.If you anchor your feet under a sofa, table, or gym bar or have a partner hold your feet, you work mostly the hip flexors because you naturally pull against the anchor with your legs. This diminishes the role of the abs in the activity. With your feet

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's a List of some fast Food restaurants with below each which items are the healthiest:

Chicken Oriental salad
low fat dressings
Whole wheat Chicken McGrill with BBQ sauce
Chicken Protein platter
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait (hold the granola)

Mandarin chicken salad
Spring Mix Salad
low fat dressings
Ultimate Chicken grill plus side salad
Large chili plus side salad
Jr. Frosty Dairy Desert

Burger King-
Fire-Grilled Chicken or Shrimp Garden or Caesar Salads
fat free dressings
BK Veggie Burger + side salad

Entree grilled Chicken Caesar or Garden salad with light dressing
Beef barley Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Harvest vegetable Soup
Signature grilled Chicken Burger

6" SUBS:-
Roast beef
Oven roasted chicken breast
savory turkey breast
Turkey breast, ham and roast beef
Veggie Delite
Sweet Onion chicken Teriyaki
Deli-style sandwiches:
Roast Beef
Savory Turkey breast

Garden fresh
Mediterranean Chicken

Honey Mustard
Red Wine vinaigrette
Sweet Onion

Tim Horton's-
Sandwiches- on brown
Garden Vegetable
Harvest turkey breast
Tuna salad
Turkey Bacon Club
Chicken and roasted red Pepper

Chicken Nodle
Vegetable Beef barley
Hearty Vegetable
Turkey and rice
Chicken Gumbo
Tomato Florentine
Beef Noodle

Swiss Chalet-
Santa Fe Grilled chicken Salad
Vegetable Stir fry on Rice
Chicken Stir Fry on rice
Quarter chicken White(skinless0 with coleslaw/vegetables
Chicken on a Kaiser(eat open faced no top bun)
Dressings -lite or fat free only

Friday, March 13, 2009

Packed lunch has advantages- less temptation, planning the right balance ahead of time, lower cost, knowing exactly what you are getting in your food!- every lunch - and snack- needs a protein of some kindand a complex carbsome ideas:-tuna, salmon, crab,chicken, turkey, lean ham, egg salad, white fish, lean roast beef these can go on/in a salad base, or inside 2 slices whole grain bread, or tortilla wrap, pita bread, or even in egg rollwrappers and quickly stir fried or baked.- the best tortillas for nutrients are the sundried tomato, then the whole wheat or spinach-soup in a wide mouth thermos (just not cream soups)-raw veggies cut up with hummus( the spicier ones will also help speed up the metabolism)-string chees, part skim mozzarella, boursin, goat cheese, mini baby bells, feta-apples- controlled studies have shown that when nothing else changed in the diet except eating 3 raw unpeeled apples per day those who did lost weight.pears or berries are the next best fruits-cherry tomatoes-protein powder and a container( some have their own seive inside to help mixing) with water or skim milk, ready to shake just before drinking as a protein shake Next email will be fast food lunches/meals.-Georgina DellaportaB.A., R.N.,CPTN,Can-Fit-Pro, AFP,NFC

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ok so lets start withideal weight for a height of 6'1" is probably about 210lb , a bit more if your body fat % is lower than 12%.To get there -at a healthy rate - the ideal balance would be:1700 cal per dayBalanced at*** 20% fats (mostly good fats)=60gm fat/day 30% protein=202gm protein/day 50% carbs (mostly good - complex carbs)337gm/day and 35 gm fibre per dayso how to get this?#1- eat 5-6 times per day, small frequent meals rather than large ones#2- 12x 8oz or 8 x 12 oz bottles of spring water per day= dehydration for even 3 hrs decreases the metabolism by about 5%.#3-dont go more than 4 hrs without at least a small amt of protein!-Breakfast is extremely important-suggestions: omelet or scrambled egg- made with 1 whole egg and 1/4 cup of egg whites (use a carton of Simply Whites)-cottage cheese mixed विथ some frozen berries and a teaspoon of each cinnamon and splenda-protein shake + a piece of fruit- 12 grain bagel विथ siced chicken or turkey breast,lettuce, tomato.IF you are getting the Tim's version- get them to hold the butter and no cheese. -mustard and catsup are not a problem, nor is hot sauceHigh cholestrol, high fat items ARE a problem- both for your weight and more imprortantly your blood pressure- cheese , butter, margarine, coconut, regular mayonnasie, egg yolks, marbelized steaks-(the top and tip sirloin are healthiest), pork, ribs, skin on chicken and turkey, pot pies, sausages, bacon, next email i will tackle lunches- packed and fast food.

Nutrition Consultation

Whether you have weight to lose, a desire to gain, or just to maintain the healthy weight you have.

Your nutrition consultation will include:

An assessment of your actual weight and body fat percentage and where you are on the chart of healthy for your age, height and gender

What is your goal body fat %- healthy, fit, or athletic- and how soon you could reach that goal,

Why diet more than exercise is to blame for what’s around your middle and how to get the waistline you want!

An understanding of why a balanced meal plan - protein/carbs/ fats is crucial to your health and longevity

Exactly how many grams each of proteins, carbs and fats per day are specifically right for YOU.

The difference between good and bad fats, complex and simple carbs,

Why soy is great for some but not for others

How you can put not just yourself but your children, and /or partner onto clean healthy eating and have them enjoy it!

How to do all this in a busy schedule.

How to maintain an even blood sugar level, lower needs for insulin, blood pressure medications, anti-depressants with real food.

Suggestions for better restaurant choices, better kids choices, great products vs. poor ones on the grocery store shelves.