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I choose to focus training and nutrition on the individual. I believe in a totally holistic approach emcompassing body, mind and soul and the interaction between them. Utilizing the disciplines of weight-training , pilates, ballet and yoga to ease pain, heal injuries and strengthen the body,and the spirit. Never give up! Never step down!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ok so lets start withideal weight for a height of 6'1" is probably about 210lb , a bit more if your body fat % is lower than 12%.To get there -at a healthy rate - the ideal balance would be:1700 cal per dayBalanced at*** 20% fats (mostly good fats)=60gm fat/day 30% protein=202gm protein/day 50% carbs (mostly good - complex carbs)337gm/day and 35 gm fibre per dayso how to get this?#1- eat 5-6 times per day, small frequent meals rather than large ones#2- 12x 8oz or 8 x 12 oz bottles of spring water per day= dehydration for even 3 hrs decreases the metabolism by about 5%.#3-dont go more than 4 hrs without at least a small amt of protein!-Breakfast is extremely important-suggestions: omelet or scrambled egg- made with 1 whole egg and 1/4 cup of egg whites (use a carton of Simply Whites)-cottage cheese mixed विथ some frozen berries and a teaspoon of each cinnamon and splenda-protein shake + a piece of fruit- 12 grain bagel विथ siced chicken or turkey breast,lettuce, tomato.IF you are getting the Tim's version- get them to hold the butter and no cheese. -mustard and catsup are not a problem, nor is hot sauceHigh cholestrol, high fat items ARE a problem- both for your weight and more imprortantly your blood pressure- cheese , butter, margarine, coconut, regular mayonnasie, egg yolks, marbelized steaks-(the top and tip sirloin are healthiest), pork, ribs, skin on chicken and turkey, pot pies, sausages, bacon, next email i will tackle lunches- packed and fast food.

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