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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back pain Related to Inflexibility

A Great percentage of Back pain is related to lack of flexibility , not just to injuries, aging, and lack of muscle strength. This is particularly evidenced by body-builders and people who regularly weight train but fail to perform stretches with any consistency.
The greatest omission is to think " I don't have a problem with pain or any present injuries so why bother wasting my time on stretching?"
There is the true story of the muscle competitor who had to squeeze his shampoo onto the shower wall and then rub his head on it because he was unable to reach his arms overhead, he had lost that much flexibility.
It really won't matter, believe me, as you age , how much you can lift or how fast you can walk if you can't touch your feet to tie your shoelaces, or feel like you can move freely when having sex, or play with your grandchildren because it's impossible to bend, or reach the things on the top shelf etc.

Stretching works best when the body is warm, so before exercise you want to do generalized stretches to limber up but the bulk of your stretching and specific stretches should be after working out. First thing in the morning , when you are still warm from being under the covers is another good time to stretch generally , and to stretch the lower back and hips, as is after that bath or shower.
People , especially women, will tend to stiffen sooner in the dominent hip.
Below are some stretches you can use.
Please feel free to write me with questions!

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